The always-on monitoring solution for your website

Get the insights you need with Site Monitoring, our website monitoring solution that alerts you when the sites you manage have errors. Plus, receive detailed access logs so it’s easy to resolve issues.


Quickly resolve website issues

Don’t learn about a site problem from your customer or boss. Site Monitoring will alert you when an error is detected so you can immediately resolve the problem.

Monitor website status

Get immediate alerts when an issue is detected on your site.

Resolve issues faster

Leverage detailed access logs to pinpoint and fix website errors.

Delight your clients

Be the hero for clients and resolve issues before they are aware of a problem.


Learn about website
issues fast

Site Monitoring will allow you to see site status and average response time, as well as link to site-specific access logs when an issue is detected. You will receive email alerts when there is an issue detected on your sites.

Know your new site is up and running as expected

You have invested countless hours and dollars to ensure that your new website is perfect. Once it’s live, you don’t want to learn about an issue from a customer. With Site Monitoring, you can see your site’s response time and be alerted immediately if there is an outage.

Turn on site monitoring for site-specific access logs, site status info, and average response time reports
With Site Monitoring, stay up to date on your site status and response times

Stay ahead of
website problems

...And uncomfortable situations. Maintaining positive client relationships is key. With our website monitoring solution, all your clients’ sites are checked regularly so you can see response time and outages. If an error has occurred, you receive an alert immediately with detailed access logs, so your agency is able to quickly resolve any issue.

Jordan Atchison, Marketing Strategist, Corkboard Concepts

"For agencies looking for that tight-knit connection with a technology provider that understands your challenges and who can really dive into the specifics of each one, look no further than WP Engine."

—Jordan Atchison, Marketing Strategist, Corkboard Concepts

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