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Get automated WordPress plugin updates and rest easy knowing your site is up and always secure.

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What is Smart Plugin Manager?

Smart Plugin Manager automates WordPress plugin updates so your environment stays secure,
and you get time (and peace of mind) back in your day.

Stay secure

Avoid security breaches by never missing a plugin update.

Save resources

Use time spent updating your plugins to advance your business.

Update confidently

Visual regression testing ensures plugin updates don’t break your site.

How it works

How it works

Smart Plugin Manager automatically updates a site’s plugins on a customizable scheduled interval. It also runs a Visual Regression Test (VRT) using machine learning to identify if updates passed or failed. Upgrade updates are sent to you daily so you always stay ahead of potential issues.

Risks of out-of-date plugins

Out-of-date plugins represent 56% of security vulnerabilities on WordPress sites. The maintenance needed to manage plugins often gets neglected leaving your site vulnerable to cyber attacks. With Smart Plugin Manager, you never have to worry by running daily VRT tests against the latest code and security patches.

Risks of out-of-date plugins
Plugin Updates Module

Free up your time

For site managers or internal web teams overseeing a single or multiple WordPress sites, Smart Plugin Manager offsets the need to oversee the management and updates of your plugins, while keeping your sites secure and empowering you to focus on tasks that drive your business.

Increase your margins

As an agency providing managed services to your customers, you can increase your margins and customer satisfaction. With Smart Plugin Manager, you can now offer automated, verified plugin updates as another service for your clients with a tool that allows you to manage plugin updates at scale.

Increased Margin
Stefano Iocco - Director for Digital Content Management - Marriott

“I'd gladly pay extra per month per site to know that you're keeping all my plugins up to date, because every plug-in that's not up to date is an exposure, right? It's not like I have one website or two websites, right? We're over 20 websites already and they're all built by different agencies. Plugin maintenance is an issue.”

—Stefano Iocco, Director for Digital Content Management, Marriott

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